Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Short Story : Beginings in Paris by S. K. Brown

Looking at Paris in this light, the shear beauty awakens. The sun, soon to drift away to sleep, sheds its last beauty in oranges, purples, blues, and yellows. As the last light falls from the sky, the city lights of Paris awaken. The Eiffel tower on the horizon illuminates with a power to the heart that is indescribable. Children in the streets rush home for dinner, while young lovers walk in couples through the streets. Somewhere in the distance a single Frenchman sings of love. A light breeze brings delicious fragrances from the little café down the street. The red wine, dry with a nice taste of berries, indulges even the most secret desires. The fire crackles and illuminates the room in gold and showers a feel of comfort and peace.

Jennifer has never felt so awake. Most of her travels were on business, always confined to a tiny hotel room. This was her well-earned treat. Jennifer had graduated from the University of Texas two years ago majoring in archeology and anthropology. Up until two weeks ago, she was buried in an Egyptian dig site hoping to find something incredible that may change the history of ancient Egypt. Now that the dig season is over, her small apartment in San Francisco just wasn’t enough of a vacation. The small artifacts that she herself has unearthed were incredible. Yet as the Egyptian government had closed the site for the next 6 months, she still couldn’t help thinking how close she was to finding out how Egypt was so technologically advanced for the time. With a smile on her face she closed her eyes and smiled.

That is how she awoke. The fire had died sometime in the night, and her glass of wine that she had been holding, now lay on the rug beside her chair. The birds were singing their early morning tune and the laughter of the children playing in the street put a smile on her face. She stared out the small window until the she saw her cab pull up. Grabbing her bags, she climbed into the cab and though hesitant to go, she knew what was waiting for her in Egypt.

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