Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Magic Beans by S. K. Brown

"Magic beans?" Chris laughed until the purple one cracked open with a 'pop' and a tiny leaf appeared.

"Of course magic beans." Jeanette laughed. She has always been mysterious, with her crystal clear eyes and long, flowing red hair.

Another pop and the green bean cracked. A long, thin green stick started growing straight up.

"I can't believe this." Chris said in awe as the little leaf out of the purple bean had already grown into a small budding rose bush.

" The more you believe in them, the more they will help you." At that Jeanette stood and walked away.

Chris stared. The stick in the green bean was almost as tall as him now and was branching out. The purple bean that is now a rose bush, began blooming with all different colors of roses. Yet, the red bean still hadn't popped, cracked, or even moved.

Later on that week, Chris walked outside in his backyard to find a huge tree with what seemed to be rolls of parchment growing off of the blooms. The rose bush was so rich with color he was just enchanted.

Out of curiosity, Chris picked a rose. The scent was divine, and after inspecting the large, deep red bloom, a ruby fell in to his hand. He was blown away. He picked a yellow rose. Again a gem fell onto is hand, this time a yellow topaz. All he could think was 'oh my…'

'Where was Jeanette?' he thought to himself. He had always yearned for her, but she just seemed too perfect for him. What was he kidding; he was and always had been in love with her.

Something popped at his feet. The red bean cracked and was smoking as if it had caught on fire. Time seemed to stop and before long there was Jeanette under the tree.

"I have loved you my whole life." He blurted out, and ran to kiss her. She picked one of the odd blooms on the tree and handed it to Chris. It was money! One bloom held thousands of dollars. He nearly fainted.

"Chris! Are you okay?" Jeanette began slapping him," I guess you had a long day."

Chris awoke with his head in his bean bowl and Jeanette, his maid, slapping him awake.

"I had the oddest dream." He stared into her crystal eyes. She just lifted an eyebrow and walked into the kitchen.

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