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White Lily by S. K. Brown

Fishing Memoir

Someone once said ‘to fish is to bring life into life.’ Personally, I agree. Nothing gets me into nature more, than fishing. The quietness and the smell of nature calm me. Fishing clears my head, body, and my problems. As long as I can fish, I am happy.
When I was really young, a very important person influenced my life, my dad. Early one morning, he woke me up before the sun came up and loaded me into his truck. We drove for several hours.
“Where we goin’?” I had asked with a curiosity only found in small children.
“We are going fishing,” he said as he kept on driving
When we arrived at the lake and got out the poles, I was wide-eyed over a small container that said ‘worms’. At first, I was more interested in playing with the wiggly worms, but dad showed me how to put them on the hook.
“Drop it in the water and wait. When you feel a little tug, just jerk on the pole and reel in all the way.” He said with a laugh at my expression
“What’s gonna be doin’ the tuggin’?” I had asked innocently.
“The fish of course!” he had responded lightly
Not long after those words were spoken, I had felt a tug. I reeled as far as I could and the tiniest sunfish (blue-gill) was attached to my worm. I just giggled. I loved fishing, but back then I would NOT take the fish off the hook, but I learned fast.
I remember one time, I was seven years old, dad and I went fishing at a small campground pond. No sooner had I cast, than something tugged hard on my pole. I needed dad’s help reeling it in. the fish was a good seven pounds. It was a carp or as I called it “a crappie”. The grin on my father’s face was priceless. At the end of our little fishing venture, that “crappie” was the biggest fish of both of us.
All my life, dad and I would find excuses to go fishing. We would tell mom that we were going shopping or going to visit granny, etc. he would even come and get me from school, if the day was perfect enough. I wasn’t allowed to fish unless I finished my schoolwork first.
There came a day when I was wanting more that sunfish. So dad showed me how to fish for catfish (which I hate) and large mouth bass. I was hooked myself. I loved the game of catching bass. They don’t tug, they play; I played right back.
Now, fishing has become my refuge. When I am having a bad day or having a serious case of writer’s block, I can go and hide by myself or with dad, and fish my ‘blues’ away. We don’t go fishing as much together anymore. Dad is getting older and it is getting hard for him to get around. But we still go and we will for a long time to come. Dad has not only influenced me, he has given me a special gift of being daddy’s girl and I love him for it.